Hey Everyone!
I am currently in the middle of midterms for my first semester of my Sophomore year. Everything is slightly busy at the moment, but it could be so much more busy! The Scofi group that I have recently written about is finally official at Columbia! We had our first meeting, and we had about twelve people show up, which is a pretty good turn out! We have our second meeting this upcoming Monday where we will be discussing how to communicate efficiently with composers and filmmakers. During our first meeting, we discussed how to find out about upcoming film jobs and we also discussed different ways to fundraise money for Scofi to hold events and to have guest speakers come and talk to us. We came up with two very good ideas for fundraising which I will keep you all informed about!

Other than midterms and the Scofi group, I am currently working on a film called “How The Universe Works.” I have also been asked to work on three other films during this semester, all of which I am very excited about.

For my Composition class this semester, I have to compose a four hands piano piece for two people to perform on one piano. I’ve been composing almost everyday to try and figure out what I want to compose for this piece, and I think I’ve finally come up with what I want to do. As of right now, I’ve decided to compose a piece called ‘The Briskness of Autumn.’ I will upload the final song, and performance when I have them finished!

My song ‘Life’ is being used for a dance recital in Maine and I just received news today that the choreography has started and the choreographer, Lindsey Stevens, is very excited and feels motivated! Which I am very happy about! ‘Life’ has also recently been picked up for a sketch comedy called ‘Wisconsinuts.’ When I receive the video, I will upload it on here also!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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