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Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to say that I have recently purchased new virtual instruments from East West/Quantum Leap! I got the Composer’s Collection, which came with eight different packages of very live-like instruments.

I’m currently scoring four films, “If A Tree Falls,” “Beyond Here Lies Nothing,” “Just One Scoop,” and “How The Universe Works.”

“If A Tree Falls” is a Senior Undergrad Practicum film directed by Zina Yun. It’s about two young men who go into the woods for their last time of hanging out before heading off to college and the marines. During this trip, they decide to shoot a crossbow, and things go off course.

“Beyond Here Lies Nothing” is a New York film directed by Tiffany Jackman. This film is about a young man who is so caught up in conspiracy theories that he is afraid to leave his house… For good reason.

“Just One Scoop” is an undergrad film directed by Joi-Noelle Worley. A boy is excited to get some ice cream at a shop when a girl cuts in front of him, making the boy annoyed with her.

“How The Universe Works” is also an undergrad film directed by David P. Calderon. This film is about a man who relives the same day where he dies until the woman he loves saves him.

I also recently collaborated with drummer, Nathan Norman Brandt from Archana, on the score for the film “Procession,” which was directed by Sabah Ali Kahn. “Procession” is about a man reminiscing about his marriage and his deceased wife. If you would like to watch “Procession” Click on the link below:


Other than all of these films I am working on, I am also currently practicing bass guitar for the Columbia College Chicago cover of the musical, “Victor/Victoria.” This musical is about a woman, who turns herself into a man, and then pretends she is a woman in order to be noticed by the public and musical community.

If you would like to see Columbia College Chicago’s take on “Victor/Victoria,” you can check out all the information at:


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  1. Hi Katrina!!
    Happy to announce that our film, Beyond Here Lies Nothing, has been officially selected to screen at the Kingston Film Festival on August 8th from 3:30-5:30 at BSP Lounge 323 Wall Street, Kingston, New York 12401! Thank you so much for an amazing job!!!!

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