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Hey Everyone! I am now in my sophomore year at Columbia College Chicago and things are going to be crazy this year! I have the feature, IMDb credited, film ‘Dark Minds’ to score, seven classes to attend, and I am currently organizing a group called Columbia College ScoFi. The group is designed to raise awareness for film music and film makers. The key purpose for this group is to help connect and network film makers with composers and vice versa. Here at Columbia, we do not have an Undergrad for film composing. The closest you can get to film composing is regular music composition. Last year I had the idea for ScoFi, and me and a friend have decided to get it off the ground this year. We already have over twenty likes in a couple of days, but we need everyone’s information, and at least ten people to register for the group in order to be recognized by Columbia. Not to mention loads and loads of paperwork to do too. We want to educate who ever wants to learn about music and film, it doesn’t matter what their major is, even if they just love film music they are able to attend the meetings, in fact, we encourage it! We’re hoping to get guest speakers, whether they are there in person or are talking to the group through Skype. We also want to let composers present their scores and film makers to pitch their ideas so that they can receive feedback that is sometimes hard to get, and so that people can see what every unique person has to show!

Let’s Create Change.

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