Films and Competitions!

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site, I’ve been working on many films, projects, and finals at school. My junior year is now done, and I am officially More »


Many, Many Clementines

My piece, Many, Many Clementines, has been chosen by Seth Boustead at Relevant Tones/ WFMT to be broadcast on 98.7 WFMT, Chicago’s Classical Radio station. The piece was recorded about a week More »


Films, Modern Work, Publications, & Composer of Friday the 13th

Hey Everyone! I’ve been updating my website a lot recently, but I haven’t posted in a while! I’m currently a Junior at Columbia College Chicago now, and things are going very smoothly. More »

Featured Artist

Hello Everyone!

I’m extremely greatful to say thank you to AEMMPlify of Columbia College Chicago for having me as their featured artist! I will also be featured on the Columbia College main website soon all thanks to Scott Nadeau!


You can take a look at the article by the above link!

I will be leaving in August for LA to learn and work from some current film composers and re score the chase scene from French Connection with a 25 piece orchestra! I’m very excited for this opportunity, and cannot wait to show all of you the final result!

More news to come shortly!

WCRX Interview of Katrina Zemrak by Michael Undas

I was recently interviewed by my great friend and colleague, Michael Undas. Within this interview, we spoke of the films I have worked on, what I work with when composing for a film, and my original musical that was recently performed. Enjoy!

Films and Competitions!


Hey Everyone!
It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site, I’ve been working on many films, projects, and finals at school. My junior year is now done, and I am officially a senior! I have one more year and will be finishing up my classes in the first semester, and the second semester I will be focusing on audio classes and sound design/foley classes.

I recently had the chance to work with Danny Agama again, an amazing director who is more on the experimental side. His short “Anna in the Dark” is currently in the last stages of production, and will be going to festivals soon! I’ll post a link to the film once it is available online. “Anna in the Dark” is about a lonely woman attempting to fix her strained relationships who must overcome her feelings of inadequacy and her violent tendencies after suffering a miscarriage.

Another film I recently worked on was “We Were Monsters and Detectives,” a film by Al Benoit. Al is a very talented director, with a very precise style of creating his films. His film is also currently in the last stages in production and I will link the film as soon as it’s available. You can view the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/76202215 (Music is not by me in the trailer)

I have also been currently working on my piece “An Erratic State of Mind.” This piece is for solo bassoon and it was created for a competition to receive the Allen Turner Award at Columbia College Chicago, I won third place, and have been recently extending it and finalizing it for the BCMCC female solo bassoon competition. The piece was created based on an idea of a women in an asylum who is going insane and we see her transform from a comatose relaxed state into a complete erratic sense of self, unable to grasp reality.

I will be working on a couple of other films during this summer, and will be also working on an orchestral piece over the summer for another competition.

Many, Many Clementines


My piece, Many, Many Clementines, has been chosen by Seth Boustead at Relevant Tones/ WFMT to be broadcast on 98.7 WFMT, Chicago’s Classical Radio station. The piece was recorded about a week ago, but it will be broadcast on Saturday, December 28th at 5 pm Chicago time. If you don’t live within the Chicago area, you can check it out online as it is being broadcast, also, either on WFMT’s website or Relevant Tones website.

Below is a link to a short article about all the students pieces being broadcast:


I hope you can join in!

Films, Modern Work, Publications, & Composer of Friday the 13th


Hey Everyone!
I’ve been updating my website a lot recently, but I haven’t posted in a while! I’m currently a Junior at Columbia College Chicago now, and things are going very smoothly. I’m taking private lessons with Ilya Levinson, an amazing composer and phenomenal teacher, and I’ve composed two pieces over the course of this semester so far, going on three. Those two pieces, are not, however, film scores. They are atonal pieces utilizing modern techniques. I will be posting them soon in order to see what you all think of them! My first piece, The Socialist Procession of Demise, was for a competition in order to try to get it performed by the String quartet Q’Arte, which I didn’t get into. My most recent piece, Many, Many Clementines, was a pierrot ensemble piece composed for a chance to be on the Chicago classical radio station, which I haven’t heard back about yet.

Other than my modern pieces, I’ve been working on a lot of films. I’m currently working on three films, with four films coming soon to work on. I was recently asked by director, Jordan Blazak, to compose for a film called Dear Friend, which turned out great. He has sent it to South by Southwest film festival.

This semester, my organization, ScoFi, has been featured on Columbia College’s In-Sites, a tv show created by Frequency TV. We were interviewed for two shows and discussed what ScoFi is all about and what we do, as well as show a reel of our organizations work. If you don’t know, ScoFi is an organization created in order to bridge the gap between film composers and filmmakers, as well as teach how to communicate efficiently and how to score films.
I have also been a featured artist on the Columbia College Chronicle. The wrote a phenomenal article, and also took a video of my process while scoring for films.


This past week, the composer of Friday the 13th, Harry Manfredini, came to Columbia College through my organization, ScoFi. He took two days in order to speak to students and do private lessons with them. On Wednesday night, he took two hours and discussed how to think about film scoring, and told many stories about his experiences within the world of film composing. On Friday, the 15th, he was supposed to take twenty minutes with students in order to discuss whatever they wanted, but he ended up taking 45 minutes to an hour with each student! ScoFi, Columbia, and I would like to thank Harry for a great couple of days with him! He has had a huge impact on Columbia students who want to do films and film composing, and all of his information was the greatest we could have ever imagined.

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to keep up more often!

Interview with Composer Brian Tyler


Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website, but I have much to talk about. I’m recently composing for 6 films this summer, a large load while also trying to work 11 hour days plus have a social life. Hopefully a trailer will be up soon for one of the films I’m doing and I will post that here when it is. Huffington post contacted me a couple of weeks ago about doing an interview with Brian Tyler. I’m not sure how they found me, but I’m extremely glad they did! I’ve posted the video below of the interview. I was told to have a question ready for Brian, and so I asked if he thought the term mickey mousing was something that’s still prominent and what specifically he would use it for. I’d like to state that mickey mousing is an old term used especially during the old steam boat willie films. Mickey mousing can be used in multiple ways, but, for an example, a character walks down the street as the music movies with the beat of it’s feet, emphasizing the characters movement and what they’re doing. I made a mistake in the interview saying that it’s usually a specific instrument, but that is not the case, explaining mickey mousing on the spot caught me slightly off guard.

Enjoy this interview with Brian Tyler!


Current Films


Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to say that I have recently purchased new virtual instruments from East West/Quantum Leap! I got the Composer’s Collection, which came with eight different packages of very live-like instruments.

I’m currently scoring four films, “If A Tree Falls,” “Beyond Here Lies Nothing,” “Just One Scoop,” and “How The Universe Works.”

“If A Tree Falls” is a Senior Undergrad Practicum film directed by Zina Yun. It’s about two young men who go into the woods for their last time of hanging out before heading off to college and the marines. During this trip, they decide to shoot a crossbow, and things go off course.

“Beyond Here Lies Nothing” is a New York film directed by Tiffany Jackman. This film is about a young man who is so caught up in conspiracy theories that he is afraid to leave his house… For good reason.

“Just One Scoop” is an undergrad film directed by Joi-Noelle Worley. A boy is excited to get some ice cream at a shop when a girl cuts in front of him, making the boy annoyed with her.

“How The Universe Works” is also an undergrad film directed by David P. Calderon. This film is about a man who relives the same day where he dies until the woman he loves saves him.

I also recently collaborated with drummer, Nathan Norman Brandt from Archana, on the score for the film “Procession,” which was directed by Sabah Ali Kahn. “Procession” is about a man reminiscing about his marriage and his deceased wife. If you would like to watch “Procession” Click on the link below:


Other than all of these films I am working on, I am also currently practicing bass guitar for the Columbia College Chicago cover of the musical, “Victor/Victoria.” This musical is about a woman, who turns herself into a man, and then pretends she is a woman in order to be noticed by the public and musical community.

If you would like to see Columbia College Chicago’s take on “Victor/Victoria,” you can check out all the information at:



Thanks for visiting and reading!

Katrina Zemrak




Hey Everyone!
I am currently in the middle of midterms for my first semester of my Sophomore year. Everything is slightly busy at the moment, but it could be so much more busy! The Scofi group that I have recently written about is finally official at Columbia! We had our first meeting, and we had about twelve people show up, which is a pretty good turn out! We have our second meeting this upcoming Monday where we will be discussing how to communicate efficiently with composers and filmmakers. During our first meeting, we discussed how to find out about upcoming film jobs and we also discussed different ways to fundraise money for Scofi to hold events and to have guest speakers come and talk to us. We came up with two very good ideas for fundraising which I will keep you all informed about!

Other than midterms and the Scofi group, I am currently working on a film called “How The Universe Works.” I have also been asked to work on three other films during this semester, all of which I am very excited about.

For my Composition class this semester, I have to compose a four hands piano piece for two people to perform on one piano. I’ve been composing almost everyday to try and figure out what I want to compose for this piece, and I think I’ve finally come up with what I want to do. As of right now, I’ve decided to compose a piece called ‘The Briskness of Autumn.’ I will upload the final song, and performance when I have them finished!

My song ‘Life’ is being used for a dance recital in Maine and I just received news today that the choreography has started and the choreographer, Lindsey Stevens, is very excited and feels motivated! Which I am very happy about! ‘Life’ has also recently been picked up for a sketch comedy called ‘Wisconsinuts.’ When I receive the video, I will upload it on here also!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


Columbia College Chicago ScoFi


Hey Everyone! I am now in my sophomore year at Columbia College Chicago and things are going to be crazy this year! I have the feature, IMDb credited, film ‘Dark Minds’ to score, seven classes to attend, and I am currently organizing a group called Columbia College ScoFi. The group is designed to raise awareness for film music and film makers. The key purpose for this group is to help connect and network film makers with composers and vice versa. Here at Columbia, we do not have an Undergrad for film composing. The closest you can get to film composing is regular music composition. Last year I had the idea for ScoFi, and me and a friend have decided to get it off the ground this year. We already have over twenty likes in a couple of days, but we need everyone’s information, and at least ten people to register for the group in order to be recognized by Columbia. Not to mention loads and loads of paperwork to do too. We want to educate who ever wants to learn about music and film, it doesn’t matter what their major is, even if they just love film music they are able to attend the meetings, in fact, we encourage it! We’re hoping to get guest speakers, whether they are there in person or are talking to the group through Skype. We also want to let composers present their scores and film makers to pitch their ideas so that they can receive feedback that is sometimes hard to get, and so that people can see what every unique person has to show!

Let’s Create Change.

Indie Gathering International Film Festival


Hey everybody! I recently attended the Cleveland International Indie Gathering this past weekend, and I watched a lot of amazing films, and met a lot of amazing filmmakers. I’d like to congratulate all of you for all of your awards! Keep with your dreams, take the extra step, and you will all go far! I would also like to thank the Indie Gathering for my award! 420 film composers entered into the festival and only 20 got in, so I am extremely honored! Aspiring filmmakers, scriptwriters, composers, music video artists, actors, actresses, and fx artists, if you are looking for a film festival to send in to, check out the Indie Gathering! They have something for everyone, and they are amazing people who care about what you do as much as you do!

For other updates, I am currently working on a 20′s scene for ‘It’s A Terrible Week For Singing.’ This will be the last week of working on the film, and the last scene, before it’s sent into some film festivals! Before attending the Indie Gathering, I finished the film ‘Sarah’s Nest,’ which is almost completely finished and that will also be sent into some festivals too. I have been asked to compose some big band music for a documentary called ‘The Voice In The Void,’ and I am also working on a short, characterless, film called ‘Atomic Tangerine.’ As for ‘Dark Minds,’ the feature IMDb credited film that I am working on, I am currently talking to the Director, Kevin DiBacco, about getting raw footage to start thinking of the score, and I will soon be getting the trailer to work on, which is very exciting!

If you all have the time, I’d love for you to check out my most recent score, The Redeemer which you can find on my ‘My Work’ page. It will be the first song listed. I would really like it if you could give me some feedback!

I am also looking to buy some new VSTs. I think it’s about time to upgrade to some more realistic instruments that can broaden what I do!

Have a great week everybody!

Katrina Zemrak

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